Government / Military RFID solutions

The Government and Military include Federal agencies such as Border and Immigration Security, Military Supply Chain and State or Local Agencies such as Fire Fighting services, Correctional Facilities and Identification and Licensing services.

Each agency is tasked with providing high-quality services while continuously striving to become more cost-effective and business-focused. Materus RFID solutions provide better visibility and create automation for many of the industries’ workflow processes.

Asset Tracking

IT Equipment, Research Equipment, Firearms/Weapons, Audio/Video, Furniture and Furnishings, Vehicles, Data and Documents, Street Assets (street lights, street signs etc.), Equipment Maintenance Tracking, Equipment Usage Tracking


Personnel Locating

Field Officers, Trainees, Attendance Tracking, Audit Trail for providing client services


Access Control

Parking, Border Crossing, Contactless Payment for Toll and Parking