Tax Stamps and Banknotes Solutions

The worldwide exchange of fake and carried merchandise is an industry that is worth a large number of US dollars. Assets picked up from this unlawful exchange are known to help genuine composed wrongdoing and fear based oppressor associations.  The consequences for ventures and the organisations that work inside them can be destroying and make enormous misfortunes in charge income governments. Liquor, cigarettes and pharmaceuticals are only three of the numerous items that are regularly falsified or carried crosswise over fringes without the required duty being paid.

We propose a scope of driving expense stamp security and confirmation frameworks, which empower governments to secure their incomes and guarantee the wellbeing of items entering their geographic limits. Given as either a wet paste banderol or cement mark, the stamp ought to incorporate both plain and incognito security highlights to empower buyers and traditions staff to affirm its realness.  

Joined with security printing, serialisation and additionally standardised identifications, our assessment stamps arrangements give the best insurance accessible against falsifying.

What we Offer

By using various innovation stages, we offer government clients:

  1. Overt optical technologies, such as high security print and advanced holography
  2. Covert and forensic technologies
  3. Digital technologies, such as state-of-the-art track and trace systems with 24/7 online data access
  4. High Security Tax Stamps